WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Menthol E-Liquid

Subzero Extra

Strength Menthol

Halo SubZero Menthol E-liquid is internationally recognized for its intense, frigid menthol effect. For an icy throat hit unlike any other, individuals in over 100 countries turn to SubZero for an arctic menthol experience. Halo sources USP-Grade ingredients and manufactures all E-liquid in Gainesville, Florida. Like all Halo E-liquid products, SubZero Menthol E-liquid is comprised only of independently lab-tested flavors and extracts.

Menthol Flavor

That Breaks the Ice

Rest assured that you are vaping an American-made, top quality product when you vape Halo SubZero E-liquid. Often referred to as the “strongest menthol on the market”, SubZero Menthol E-liquid gets the job done! If you are in the market for a strong menthol, you will keep coming back for the intense icy top notes and smooth refreshing finish of SubZero. An unparalleled vaping experience, it doesn’t get much more menthol than SubZero E-liquid.