WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



Halo’s easy-to-use vaping devices and accessories offer an intuitive and discrete vaping experience to both the beginner and the veteran vaper.

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Halo’s easy-to-use vaping devices and accessories offer an intuitive and discrete vaping experience to both the beginner and the veteran vaper. Solidly engineered to Halo’s exceptional quality standards, the Halo ZERO and Triton II will take the guesswork out of your hardware selection. Carefully crafted to produce the most authentic flavor experience, complete with safety features essential for on-the-go vaping, Halo hardware offers the best in the biz!



Our modern take on a classic, Halo’s Triton II continues to stand the test of time as a well-known and reliable vaping device. The Triton II features a refillable 2ml tank with a pre-installed organic cotton coil. The Triton II is the perfect device for the customer who appreciates the convenience of a vape pen, but desires a more premium, smoother vaping experience. The battery, tank, and coil were all carefully engineered and tested to work together to bring out the best in Halo’s E-liquid products.

A black and a silver Halo Triton II appearing to fall forward with a grey background
A Halo Triton II Tank laying horizontal and 3 Halo Triton II Coils Standing under it, all on a grey background



The updated 2ml Triton II glass tank design comes complete with a preinstalled organic cotton coil and boasts an adjustable air flow feature for the perfect draw. This easy-to-refill tank is simple and affordable, so you will never have to switch out another coil again! For those who prefer to get a bit more technical and change out your own coils, we also offer a 3-pack of 1.5-ohm Triton II coil heads made from organic Japanese cotton. Triton coils are known for their superior flavor production.



It’s as easy as the click of a button! Choose the New Jersey Halo Vape Club Membership program that works best for you, purchase your membership, and instantly unlock access to your Club Account! Keep in mind that due to the current Vape Mail Ban imposed by the PACT Act, Halo Vape Club is unable to ship vape products via USPS (and subsequently UPS or FedEx). Because of this, we work with GIO Express, a regional carrier who specializes in New Jersey delivery coverage. Once you submit your Halo Vape Club order, it will be shipped to the GIO Express delivery hub and dropped off by one of their drivers. An adult over the age of 21 must be present at the time of delivery to sign for your order. This multi-step distribution process typically yields delivery to New Jersey within 10-17 days. A great way to get ahead of increased delivery times is to order more product, less frequently. Have friends or family members in New Jersey who also love Halo products? Halo Vape Club encourages group buying as a convenient way to save money - and time!

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A Halo Zero pod laying horizontal and a Halo Zero Pod standing both in fron of a grey background



With its anti-leak technology and patented push-to-fill mechanism, there is not a pod on the market more convenient than the Halo ZERO pod. The pod’s 3ml E-liquid capacity and ergonomic mouth piece design are just a few features that set the ZERO apart from the rest. A preinstalled 1.2-ohm cotton coil produces the ideal blend of flavor and vapor. Sold in packs of 2, you’ll always have a back-up pod on-hand!